Lets Talk Breast Pumps

Let’s talk breast pumps

This can be such an overwhelming topic for parents to be and new parents. With different options, how do you figure out what you need or what works best for you? Do you need them all? 

First let’s breakdown the different types of breast pumps.

Manual- these pumps you repeatedly squeeze a handle to pump out the milk out, your hand is essentially the machine.

Milk collection devices- these are silicone devices that collects milk from the opposite breast your baby is feeding on, it passively collects the milk that would have just dripped In your bra/nursing pad.
Wearable- these electric pumps are made to wear inside your bra so you can move around freely. Often times the motors are unable to remove milk efficiently

We like the Haaka  and the Haaka Ladybug

Standard double electric- a motor is used to create a sucking mechanism that removes the milk with little effort for the mother. This pump often has different programming to help with letdowns. And can often be as strong as a hospital grade pump. These pumps are commonly covered by insurance.
Hospital grade- a multi user rental with a strong breast pump suction that efficiently removes milk. This pump is designed for mothers with medical necessity.


I believe that each one of these pumps have a purpose and depending on your individual situation you may use one or multiple! Most commonly we see great success using a standard double electric pump when mothers are away from their babies for extended periods of times. This pump has multiple modes and can easily change suction. The wearable pumps are very convenient to be hands free, but the motor is not as strong and the lack of suction can affect your supply by not removing enough milk.

For first time moms and or moms whose milk has not regulated yet, I would recommend a standard double electric pump. Manual and milk collectors are awesome to have on hand! Keeping a manual In your car incase you forget your pump and are away from baby too long will save you from a lot of discomfort! Woman also have commented that a manual pump pulls milk more effectively then their electric pump. And as for the milk collectors these are great in the early days to catch your letdowns when your milk is not yet regulated.

If you ever have any questions about breast pumps feel free to reach out to your local IBCLC. If you are local to us, we ADORE Kira Kim! Find her interview with us HERE

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