About us

Hip Baby Gear has been rooted in the Marblehead Old Town District since 2005. My husband and I (Jami) took over the store in 2016 when the previous owner decided it was time to shift focus personally and professionally. We had been living in Marblehead for a few years and had recently had our little boy Hudson and loved the idea of not only working locally but being a part of the community in a larger way. Hudson was able to come with me, which certainly had it's challenges, but it allowed me to work and be with him every day. HBG has been such an integral partner to local families not only in education but as a way for families to connect. We wanted that to live on but also be able to build upon an already strong foundation to take HBG to the next level. We truly love working with all the families that come our way and feel in a way a part of their experience. HBG is different, we provide an experience unlike any around us. Stop by, let the little ones play in the back while you grab a coffee or sometimes mimosa and lets chat! If you are expecting we can talk registries, baby must-haves or just offer a little guidance or support.

Much love,



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