Swaddle Sleep Bag 1.0- Crowned Goose

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The only thing cozier; the womb. The other parents will be jealous of your sleep with this bamboo swaddle and our easy-change WONDERZiP® to keep baby swaddled during diaper changes. Simply zip them up, arms in/out, with an optional built-in belly band.
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They’ll stay uber cozy + covered, surrounded by silky soft bamboo rayon with a wider, more comfortable fit to fold legs in the natural frog position

  • Baby stays covered & cuddled during the easiest diaper changes with our genius 4-Way zipper
  • Filled with hypoallergenic microfiber which mimics the feel and insulating ability of luxury down.
  • Arms in or out - your choice. Safe transition for babies who roll
  • Extra wide bottom to comfortably fold legs in the natural frog position.
  • Safety is our #1 Priority and therefore our sleep bags are NOT weighted as recommended by the AAP and CPSC
  • Our calming colors promote sleep. Let’s save the bright playful colors for daytime
  • Soothes baby into a deeper sleep cycle.
  • Being gently cocooned in a comforting weight increases serotonin & relaxation, and naturally reduces anxiety by giving the same all-over sensation as a full-on giant cuddle
  • Optional inside belly band to help control startle-reflex
  • Tight secure fit every time, no Houdini breakouts

Tog Guide- Use the TOG guide below to figure out which weight is right for your baby’s sleeping conditions. Remember, these temperatures are for the nursery temperature your baby is sleeping in.

  • 0.5 Tog- 74-78F/23-26C
  • 1.0 Tog- 70-73F/21-23C
  • 2.6 Tog- 58-70F/15-21C


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