Our Story
For the best wearable blankets you can imagine.

Our gunapod design was the inspiration of an everyday mom who’s twins nicknames are Guna and Muna (pronounced “goona moona”). When put together, gunamuna means “innocent one” in Sanskrit — a language spoken in Sri Lanka, where we found our first ideal socially-conscious factory (of mostly moms) to make our Gunapods®.

Gunapods are the only product we choose to make. We spend our days focused on making the best wearable blanket sack for your baby, putting as much care and quality into them as humanly possible . At gunamuna, we’re committed to easier, more comfortable + safer sleep solutions. All while exceeding the strictest safety standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), the National Standards Body in the UK, and Canadian Standards.

Gunamuna is located in an historic mill on the Merrimack River, a premier textile producing region during the Industrial Revolution. During WW II, this building was also used to make military uniforms. Many of the people working here were no doubt moms themselves. An interesting legacy + connection that inspires us in our day-to day work.

Meet Joy ~

I love….. just being with my 2 babies + my guy. easy. safer. smarter. no hassle everything. real blackberry balsamic vinegar. super soft. super cozy. an awesome cup of coffee in the morning. the beach. vacations. lots of hugs + kisses. summer heirloom tomatoes. snuggling. a good nites sleep. the power of girlfriends. the order changes depending on the day.

Giant mommy hug, Joy.

Meet Denise ~

Our Production Guru-ess. After spending years at Carters, she’s wicked strict at the factory. Don’t get in her way at the quality control dept where safety is her priority.

In her spare time she’s not just a gunamom but a regular mom. Her favorite things include salted caramel ice cream, playing the piano +oboe, Elton John, dogs, kayaking, painting, peaceful days in Vermont, cooking, The Netherlands, Rome, spending time with her family.