Why Use a Carseat on a Plane?

Did you know the safest place for your baby and child when flying is their car seat? Did you also know that the FAA and the AAP also recommend that ALL children use a child restraint on an aircraft from birth to 40lbs? (read here: FAA + AAP)

There are SO many reasons why flying with your child in a car seat makes the most sense. It can feel overwhelming to have to pack yet another thing, but truly, its the most important item you can pack and use in flight. We often hear "if the plane is going down, the car seat won't help", but the truth of the matter is, turbulence is the concern, not a plane crash. Turbulence is common and unpredictable. Having your child in their car seat will prevent them from becoming a projectile. Even the strongest of parents can not hold their child in extreme turbulence. Hey, if the coffee pots and snacks and bags are all stowed and strapped down, your child should be too!  

Babies and kids know the expectations for sitting in a car seat (after all, they do it every single day in the car!). While there are babies and kids who do not like the car seat (I had one!), it will keep you and your child more comfortable in your own spaces. Sitting next to them and playing and snacking together will make the experience easier than them being in the back seat in a car alone. How great will it be for you to stretch out a bit and have your hands and body free during the flight?!  

A car seat bag with backpack straps or a car seat trolly, make bringing the car seat along easier. A car seat trolly converts a car seat to a make-shift stroller, again, making it more manageable to navigate the airport with littles (safely) in tow. 

When you get to your destination, you already know your car seat made it. Checking your car seat not only can damage your car seat (think about how dirty your checked bags are and how they are thrown around!) , but you also run the risk of it not arriving when you land. Additionally, when you jump into your rental car, taxi or family's car, you already know how to to install your seat quickly and securely. 


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Happy + Safe Travels! 

xo , The HBG Family 

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