When we first bought the store, we looked at safe products as one that you put on your skin or in your body. I brought in products with those things in mind- organic, all-natural, non toxic. I made the mistake of assuming that products like car seats and furniture were fairly equal when it came to safety. While a product must meet safety standards to be on the market they were most certainly NOT equal. I have learned that our safety standards in many things are just not stringent enough. I started looking at products that followed more rigid safety standards, especially those using European standards. We research and educate ourselves on every single product that comes into HBG. We will not bring something in that we don’t feel meets the most rigid standards or that we don’t believe in or use with our own child. We view safety as what goes in and on your child, what furniture they sleep in, car seat they sit in and everything in between. Your children are our children and we want the best for them.

Many of our manufacturers feel the same and started out of what they felt was missing in the market. Meet a few of our favorite fellow mom and pop brands!


When Chris and Jen Lumley became parents, they realized that none of the available car seats offered everything they wanted: best-in-class safety, convenience and style. So they built a car seat they would buy, with the best of everything. With safety features including rigid-LATCH installation, a steel reinforced seat, the Anti-Rebound bar, and their revolutionary REACT Safety System, which absorbs energy from a collision with its crumple zone, it's no wonder this car seat is one of the top rated convertible car seats available!

"We get it. A car seat isn’t about checking a box. It’s about protecting your family. And it has to fit into your lives (and your cars). We design car seats the way we want them to be experienced. Easy to install. Secure as a tank. Comfortable to sit in. Awesome to look at. With a level of protection that comes with peace of mind."


Milk Street Baby

"I conceived Milk Street after years of experience designing luxury nursery furniture for hot brands such as Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. Crib safety has always been the driving passion behind my work. I am finally able to harness this passion with trend focused design and remarkable finishes to create an extra ordinary crib line. My best work yet!" -Julie Knisley, Designer and Creator

At our recent event promoting Julie's new furniture line Milk Street, I was struck by her passion for safety. She said something that stuck with me; the crib is the only place you leave your baby unattended for a long period of time. This has been the driving force behind her company; to give parents peace of mind knowing their child is in the safest crib available.




Babies LOVE playing with keys. But did you know that most keys contain lead? Not to mention, keys are dirty! Momtrepreneur Kirsten Chapman talks about the inspiration behind her products.

"When my youngest son became interested in playing with my keys, I searched for non-toxic toy keys, but I never found anything that satisfied him (or me). I found that I felt most comfortable with stainless steel for water bottles, sippy cups, food storage containers, etc. It made sense to me that metal toy keys, that my son was likely going to put into his mouth, should be non-toxic stainless steel."

Kleynimal toy keys and flatware are always made in the US to ensure the safest and highest quality materials and fair labor practices are used in the manufacturing process.







Jami Reyes
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