Vehicle Base for Maeve Pet Car Seat

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The base for the Maeve Pet Protection System easily connects to your vehicle and is uniquely engineered with safety features found in premium child car seats, so you can drive anywhere together. 
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The innovative vehicle base for the Maeve Pet Protection System is uniquely backed by decades of engineering and safety expertise, using the same safety advances and high-end materials found in premium child car seats.   

It features a simple 5-second True lock™ installation system using the vehicle’s rigid latch anchor bars and a stability leg, assuring ultimate safekeeping for your pet and taking their adventures, and yours, to the next level.

Five-second True lock™ installation

  • Base attaches to the vehicle’s rigid latch anchor bars for a secure, simple installation.  
  • Colored indicators turn green to provide clear confirmation when locked into the vehicle seat.  
  • Stability leg adjusts to the height of your vehicle seats, and an indicator turns green when properly engaged. 

Engineered for safety

  • An energy-absorbing, load leg extends from the front of the base to the vehicle floor.
  • In the event of impact, the stability leg decreases rotation and reduces movement of the carrier.

Compatible with Maeve pet carrier bed

  • Maeve simply clicks down onto the base, and colored indicators confirm a locked connection.  
  • Easily adjustable base positioning adapts to the depth of your vehicle seats.  
  • A smartly located carrier release button makes for easy transfer from car to stroller or home.
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