Invidyo Monitor w/ Care Subscription

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Invidyo empowers you to make better parenting decisions. Smart features tell you about short-term change and track long-term progress. Invidyo saves your happy moments to be cherished forever.
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This baby monitor can do it all! 

Sleep Analysis
Invidyo maps out your baby's sleep patterns. No need to keep sleep notes to remember how much your baby slept. Adaptive AI does not require time consuming setup. You can keep on doing what matters the most for your baby.

Daily Summary
Invidyo creates a daily summary of your baby’s day that you can view at your convenience. These automatic summaries are perfect for parents to get a quick overview of their baby’s daily activities.

Cry and Cough Detection
Invidyo can handle a fussy baby without a hitch. If your baby cries or coughs, you will be instantly notified. This helps parents stay up-to-date with their child’s wellbeing and determine health concerns.

Smile Detection
Never miss another smile with Invidyo’s Smart Smile Capture. As parents, we know just how precious our baby’s smiles are and we sure want to save every single one of them.

Auto Memory
We save all of your memories so you never have to worry about missing a single moment with your child. Invidyo records your important moments and saves them for you.


Camera Features:

Contactless Monitoring
Invidyo Baby Cam allows parents to keep an eye on their infants remotely with the ease of contactless monitoring. Simply install the Baby Cam in the nursery and monitor your child's activities, sleep, and wellbeing through the Invidyo app.

Remote Pan and Tilt
Our Baby Cam gives you a full 360° view of your nursery due to the impressive wide angle capacity alongside a remote pan and tilt feature. This gives you a full view of your baby’s surroundings without the need of being physically present.

Noise, Motion and Stranger Alerts
You can setup noise and motion alerts to automatically track what is changing in your baby's crib. Additionally, Invidyo uses Smart Face Detection to send out Stranger Alerts as soon as unfamiliar individuals come within the vicinity of your child.

Sleep Tracking
When your baby has healthy sleep patterns, it is best for both your baby and you. Invidyo Sleep Tracking helps you to automatically track and analyse your baby's sleep patterns. You don't need to take manual notes anymore.

Two-way Talk
Invidyo keeps you close to your baby even when you are away. The two-way mic communication system enables you to converse with your child wherever you may be.

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