Vidiamo is a French childcare brand created in 2016 by Bénédicte Perrot, a young mother of 3 children. Vidiamo 's raison d'être is to make parents' everyday life easier.

The first in the Vidiamo range, the Limostrolleris the answer to the problem of child mobility, from newborns up to over 36kg.

The Limo de Vidiamo is a real revolution in the stroller market that hasn't seen anything like it in over 20 years. A " game changer " as the English say, which opens up a new market segment: the evolutionary stroller.

A world innovation, the Limo goes from single to double in one click, without adding any equipment or accessories, thanks to a telescopic frame in which a second seat is hidden. With the Limo, Vidiamo brings a universal answer to all families with one or more children of similar ages.