Sky Essentials Oil Kids Diffuser

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The Sky aromatherapy diffuser combines modern science with the soul of Eastern and Western cultures. And your children will enjoy the relaxing, soothing effects of the essential oils they can choose themselves! The healing effects of their favorite essential oils are gently absorbed into the skin, while the calming scents lull them into deep, peaceful sleep. 

We won't bore you with the science behind an air purifier and ionizer. But those impurities that float in the air, ZAQ Sky helps remove them, as well as dust, allergens, germs, stale air, and odors, while helping you breathe and sleep better. Adding your favourite essential oil blend with antibacterial properties will also assist in the cleansing and purifying of air-borne bacteria

Receive all the amazing health and healing benefits of essential oils in their purest form. Once dispersed into the atmosphere are easily inhaled and absorbed. With no heat source and minimal water used, there is no condensation created. Our diffusers make for the perfect LiteMist!

Soothe your child to sleep with our 30 minute sleep timer. This timer gently dims the Sky projection in 5 stages over a 30 minute span, encouraging your child to fall asleep before complete darkness reaches the room.

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