Gunapod Duvet Tog 1.0

Article number: 210000007162
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The gently weighted gunaPOD® Sack lulls baby into a comfort-induced sleep for the best, easiest and most comfortable baby sleep bag. Its patented design feels like a luxurious down comforter and evenly distributes the optimal weight to mimic a calming hug, soothing baby to faster and longer sleep. When you want the easiest diaper change, use the genius four-way WONDERZiP® to unzip only the bottom of the sack, keeping baby warm. You’ll wish we had one in your size.

EASIER.When we say easiest diaper changes we mean it. No need to poke baby’s legs through a zipper or open entire sack. Just unzip the bottom, change, zip, done.
Use it your way with three options: open the sack from the bottom for genius easy changes while baby stays covered + cozy; open it completely from either side for sleeping-baby transfers; or open the middle. Your choice.
MOST COMFY.Feel the difference. Luxurious, ultra-soft bamboo viscose and Premium fill duvet feels like a cloud.
The most generous fit of any sack – wider, longer, larger armholes, is a more comfortable fit.
Extra room for hip-healthy kicking and folding legs.
Tested for most desirable weight
Thermal-regulating, moisture-wicking fabric, hypoallergenic.
So comfortable it puts baby to sleep
NOTE: Size 18-24M and 24-36M for 2.6TOG do not have center zipper
GENTLE WEIGHT OPTION. For a more lightweight design that offers a gentler hug without added weight – as well as being perfect for warmer weather – select 1.0 TOG.

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