Tanuki Teapot Graphic Tee

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The tanuki is a popular raccoon-dog creature in Japanese folklore. It is said that as they grow up, tanukis are able to shift shapes. This tee tells the story of "The Furry Legged Teapot" is about a tanuki who turned himself into a teapot. A series of events makes him unable to turn back, and he could only get a few of his legs out – so he was a teapot with furry legs. He missed his family and no one was nice to him. But the emperor’s grandson was kind to him, which turned the teapot back into a tanuki. He returned home and realized he needed the love and support of his family.

  • Original screen print graphic on front and back
  • Story is printed on back of tee
  • Long sleeves
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
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