Dowa Rabbit Graphic Tee

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Dowa means "children's story" in Japanese. This special storytelling tee tells the Japanese folktale of "The Rabbit Who Crossed the Sea." A rabbit wanted to get to an island, but he couldn't swim and didn’t have a boat. He tricked a shark into getting all his friends to line up and make a bridge. When he got to the island, the rabbit told the sharks he tricked them, so the angry sharks snapped off his fur. The rabbit told a man on an island what had happened, and the man said if he wouldn’t trick anyone anymore he would help him get his fur back. The man made a nest of cattails and the rabbit slept in them. When he woke, his fur was back and he never tricked anyone again.

  • Original screen print graphic on front and back
  • Story is printed on back of tee
  • Long sleeves
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
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