Snuggle Me Pure


The Snuggle Me Organic Pure is made with all organic cotton fabrics and hand-filled with raw organic cotton.  Your Snuggle Me Pure comes with a removable organic cotton fleece cover and is packaged in our reusable muslin travel bag.

The Snuggle Me is designed to fit baby's torso in order to best imitate the feeling of resting in a set of arms. While their body is gently cradled in the Snuggle Me center, their legs will drape over the bottom edge. This not only gives a relaxing sensation of a snuggle, but also helps with circulation and adds to the safety, and prevention of baby rolling.

Because of our patented center sling, which is slightly raised and unpadded, the Snuggle Me will gently pull in against baby, giving the feeling of a hug. This is a unique, patented feature only found in the Snuggle Me.

This snuggle will also help prevent rolling or turning within the cushion, which is another very unique benefit to our Snuggle Me. There are no gaps around baby's sides which means they are kept safely in the hammock-like center.

(**Because we have patented our center sling, imitation products are not able to duplicate it, which means that baby can potentially roll over within those other products. We highly recommend taking this into consideration when looking at other other loungers or sleepers).

When baby feels confined and secure, they are able to stay settled for longer periods of time, allowing them to form healthy sleep patterns.

This snuggle effect also soothes the Moro (startle) Reflex in infants that can cause frequent waking and disruptive sleep. (**There are other companies out there that claim to address this, however, the Snuggle Me is the only product that actively forms around them, providing the support and physical contact needed to prevent the Moro Reflex).

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