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Meet the 2015 UPPAbaby Line up! 2015 Vista, 2015 G-Luxe and more...

Posted by Rick on 9/8/2014 to Baby Gear
Meet the 2015 UPPAbaby Line up!  2015 Vista, 2015 G-Luxe and more...
The 2015 Vista Stroller System, as they are calling it now, have some great updates this year, but don't fret as the changes are all for the better!  Starting with the most important update which is the seating options.  The 2015 UPPAbaby Vista can now handle 2 toddler seats, 2 bassinets, 2 Mesa Car Seats, and a whole load of other configurations. 

My Week with Bumbleride

Posted by Sarah Luck on 9/22/2013 to Baby Gear

My Week With....BUMBLERIDE by Sarah Luck

I have always had a sweet spot in my heart for BumbleRide. In fact, the first stroller I ever sold was a gorgeous BumbleRide Queen B, which is no longer on the market (tear). It reminds me of an old style pram, but way cooler. After that first big sale, I fell in love, and since then, BumbleRide has come a long way with new strollers, fresh colors, all wrapped up in beautifully designed strollers. I decided to review the BumbleRide Indie first for 2 reasons: 1- I own a 4 wheeled stroller and wanted to try a new style and category of strollers and 2: as I previously mentioned, I have a sweet spot for BumbleRide. What better stroller to start with than the one I sold first!

Making Holiday Travel Easier

Posted by Sarah on 11/20/2012
The 2012 Holidays are here! Many people travel to loved ones to celebrate, and traveling with children can be a lot of work. However, HBG is here to help!

UPPAbaby Vista has 2 new colors!

Posted by Rick on 10/14/2012 to ABC Kids Expo 2012
UPPAbaby is not changing its design coming out in 2013, however are adding a few new colors and eliminating a few as well. The first color to enter is the new Taylor (Indigo) color. It is a real deep blue and will be a beautiful stroller for those wanting to purchase for a boy. The Taylor stroller will be replacing the Cole Vista, which we are a little sad to see go after such a short period of time. The second color to enter the UPPAbaby Vista world is Ella (Green). The UPPAbaby Vista Ella is more of a teal color and will go great with both a boy or a girl. Ella is replacing the ever so popular Carlin color, which has been a staple color for UPPAbaby for so many years.

Remember me, I am the UPPAbaby Vista

Posted by Rick on 10/8/2012 to Baby Gear
The UPPAbaby Vista has been one of our favorite strollers for many years now and a must look for any parent to be. With a sleek design and coming with both the seat and bassinet, it is perfect for any baby from birth till they are in their toddler years as the main seat holds up to 50 lbs. And the large front and rear tires make it ideal for any weather environment or terrain.

The All New Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is AWESOME!

Posted by Administrator on 8/2/2012 to Baby Gear
On July 21st, I had the privilege of seeing the all new Bugaboo Cameleon 3 at our store. While i had heard about some of the improvements and even seen some of them from other reviews, I always like to form my own opinion to share with our customers.

Get your baby into the Gunapod

Posted by Rick Winter on 12/13/2011 to From the Owner
It is not often that a company can say that we were first to carry a great product before all others, but in this case, we are proud to say that we did. The GunaPod by Gunamama is a fantastic sleep sack that is super easy to use and will keep your baby comfortable.

The Mountain Buggy + One is a Fantastic Stroller

Posted by Rick Winter on 10/25/2011 to Baby Gear
Mountain Buggy over the years has always been known for being a highly durable all terrain stroller.  From the Urban Jungle, the Duo, the Swift, the Duet and now the + One, the new owners of Mountain Buggy, Phil & Teds, have done a phenomenal job in adding strollers to the Mountain Buggy line up.  Its newest addition, the + One, is a force to be reckoned with .

ABC Kids Show 2012 - Day 2

Posted by Rick Winter on 9/24/2011 to ABC Kids Expo 2011

ABC Kids Show 2011 - Day 2

After Baby Jogger, I headed over to Skip Hop.  Skip Hop always seems to be doing great things and have really hit one out of the part with their bath line.   From a Penguin soap dispenser, to the whale knee mat, the items are great for kids and great for parents.  From there, they have also done some great things with their duo and pronto with new patterns by Jonathon Adler.  These patterns are sharp and snazzy.  Then from adding the Lady Bug to the backpack line, to more plush toys to a wonderful bedding line, Skip Hop continues to know it out of the park each year.

ABK Kids Expo 2011 - Day 1

Posted by Rick Winter on 9/23/2011 to ABC Kids Expo 2011

ABC Kids Expo 2011 - Day 1

After a long night of limited sleep before flying out at 6:15 in the morning, I finally arrived to lovely Louisville, Kentucky.  The flight in was a lot less impressive than landing in Las Vegas where the show was in prior years, but what are you going to do.  Only being here for a total of three days, the first two days are kind of crazy as they are primarily appointments with our various vendors, but every once we get a little time to see some other attractions.