Bijou Newport Marina

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Set sail with the perfect saturated teal of the Newport, Rhode Island, marina on a hot summer day.

The detailed sailboats of varying sizes in the Newport design create a subtle quilted texture to this dense yet medium-in-hand woven wrap. The boats pop against the background, no matter which side you wear facing out. It molds and cushions, and generally gets the job done in style!

The all-cotton made-in-the-USA jacquard fabric of Marina is cozy enough for infants and strong enough for toddlers. Marina can carry your little ones for your entire babywearing journey in single-layer carries if you prefer. 

Mercerized cotton wraps are a pleasure to use from the first wash on -- no need to fight to break in a beastly standard cotton wrap in order for it to be usable, though it will continue to soften to a buttery floppiness with use.

The ecru cotton warp of Newport Marina provides a sturdy base for the bright yet deeply saturated 45% mercerized cotton blue weft. At 305 gsm, this is a sturdy wrap that does not sag with big babes and toddlers. 


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