Bijou Abstract Daybreak

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Color crashing through the silvery sky, heralding the morning in all its beauty. Abstract Daybreak captures the fleeting moments of early morning light, and just like that ethereal time, changes from moment to moment. First silver and pink, then gray and coral.

Daybreak offers an elegantly thin yet incredibly strong woven wrap. Egyptian mercerized cotton and standard cotton blend in four different weave structures to create a beautiful shimmer throughout this handpainted design, while providing both grip and glide for easy wrapping.

Abstract is a 25.5"-wide wrap that performs well in all sizes and for babies and toddlers alike. Weighing in at 240 grams per square meter, it feels delightfully light while still being densely woven without long floats.

Like the break of day itself, it's nearly impossible to capture Daybreak on film. Despite efforts to portray the range of colors that Daybreak reflects in different light, this product may appear to be a different color in person than on your screen.

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