Giraffe Wood Teether

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Why worry about toy recalls with plastic and gel filled teething rings when you can have a safe all natural teething solution?  Our teethers are made using hard maple which is naturally resistant to bacteria and it is non-splintering wood so it's safe for baby to gum on it for hours!  Plus our teethers come in super cute shapes like this giraffe.  In addition to maple wood's natural benefits, we take it a step further by rounding off all sharp edges, and then wet sanding the teethers to avoid any rough spots.  What you get is an organic teething solution that is safe, smooth, and has built in grasping spots for your baby.  Here's a little tip: wood holds cold for awhile so stick them in the fridge for an hour first and the cool sensation will sooth babies gums.

All teethers come sanded satin smooth and left natural with no finish.  The giraffe is approximately 4" x 2.5".  We also include a ribbon toy clip so that you can attach it to the car seat, stroller, etc., and not worry about it hitting the floor!  All toy clips are a yellow and white chevron pattern and fully removable if you don't want it attached to the teether. 

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