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Super Dry Soother by Emily Skin Soothers

Super Dry Soother by Emily Skin Soothers

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Are you tired of dry skin on your hands, elbows, knees? Does your skin get cracked and dry in the winter? Do you wish your skin was smooth and supple again?

We want to be the answer to your problems.

Our SUPER-DRY Soother was formulated with extreme dryness in mind. Like our other products, it is made of gentle, natural ingredients. Whenever I create a product, I make sure the end result is something that we feel comfortable putting on our own daughter, Emily. We use the fewest and simplest ingredients we can, while making a very effective product.

The SUPER-DRY Soother is made of just 8 ingredients:

  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Frankincense
  • Red Peony Root
  • Rhubarb Root
  • Dandelion
  • Essential Oils of Lavender and Bergamot

There is absolutely nothing else in it.

Sunflower Oil has been shown in research to create a protective barrier for damaged or vulnerable skin. Here is a link to an article on that research: Sunflower Oil Research Article. The herbs in this formula are herbs traditionally used to promote circulation and accelerate healing. Altogether, our Super-Dry Soother is meant to soothe and beautify any type of dry skin, even when it is Super-Dry.

We envision our product as a simple, natural alternative to all the goopy, creamy moisturizers that never seem to resolve really dry skin problems.

If you are tired of dry skin, give us a try. Your Skin Will Thank You .

How Our SUPER-DRY Soother Differs from our Baby and Adult Skin Soother.

Quite simply, it is a different formula with a slightly different focus. Both products were created to soothe dry skin conditions. The SUPER-DRY Soother is meant to be a stronger formula for more severe dryness. Weve combined different herbs, used organic sunflower oil and the scents of bergamot and lavender to make a lovely smelling and smooth feeling product that anyone can use. We hope youll share it with the people you love for things as simple as general moisturizing and as troubling as severe winter dryness on the hands or feetand everything in between.

What Others Are Saying About Our New Super-Dry Soother

EXACTLY what my elbows needed.

This is a truly fantastic product. Just like Mikes daughter, I too had terrible eczema as a baby, and dry skin ever since.
This product is a god-send. While other organic moisturizers work for most of my body, my elbows and the back of my arms (just below the triceps) are always red and itchy. I can honestly say that this is the first product I have ever tried that shuts off that itch almost immediately. Not to mention it smells like a spring garden. :)
Oh did I mention it is organic and vegan-friendly?
Keep up the great work Mike!
from a review by Adam W. found on

Acupuncturist Uses Emily on her Son and Patients for Eczema and Psoriasis

I have used the baby and adult skin soother on my 4 year old son for several years. He used to get dry scaly patches that the pediatrician called eczema, even though they were not itchy. The skin soother cleared them up quickly. Then, last year, he went through a phase when he was licking his bottom lip and just underneath it constantly-- a nervous habit. The skin under his lip and into his chin was getting very red and chapped and sore. I was actually amazed at how quickly the skin soother helped that. It would often clear it up in a single night if I slathered it on right before sleep. He called calls it his "special lotion." It works much better than chapstick and vaseline (not to mention less goopy!) and doesn't burn like some other lotions.
I also have a patient with severe psoriasis. She is using the super dry soother and is thrilled with the results. She said that she first applies it and then rubs it off... it helps smooth off the flakes. Then she reapplies and leaves it on. She is amazed at how much smoother the patches are. And the itching is much less.

Robin Chapman, Licensed Acupuncturist

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